Social innovation for emergent market countries

Planned and organized in New York, NY and developed in China.

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DREAM:IN China Team:

Carlos Teixeira

Hellem G. Pedroso

Delmo Oliveira

Angie Rodruguez

Sophie Hou

Ting Hei Lo

Cansu Ozgul

 Tracey Lin

DREAM:IN is a open innovation platform driven to social innovation. With a design approach and unique methodology, this project looks up for the dreams of a population in a country and empower them to develop that support those dreams to come true. This project started in India in 2011, Brazil in 2012 and in 2013 the project got to China. The richness on participating in this project makes me speechless. To have the opportunity to bring a project so impactful to realities that need change is an amazing experience, specially because the point is to empower people to make the change instead of building it up for them. Empowerment and impact are the words I think of when I think about this project, and instantly I smile.

Image by Hellem G. Pedroso

Image by Hellem G. Pedroso

Image by Hellem G. Pedroso

Image by Hellem G. Pedroso