Global Service Jam - Team: Feel the Future team

Jam to develop services in 48 hours

Curitiba, Parana – Brazil

#organize #participate

Global Service Jam is similar to the Global Game Jam(if you are familiar with that, if you are not is fine, I will explain). What happens is a bunch of people interested in something come together and ideate and prototype a project of the thing everyone is interested in. Mostly in groups that spend 48hours together emerged doing JUST THAT.

Organizing this was already an experience because thinking about how to call out people to spend a entire weekend on this was already a challenge. More than that thinking about, ok… we will bring this people… where? What they need to produce as much as possible and have the right environment for that? What about the people that might come but might not know about tools to develop the projects? How to support them? How to build the right environment?

In the other hand participating was all about the emersion, I was part of the participation team but because we created a good environment I got the chance to really participate and get involved. The rush, the passion of everyone and the willing to create something significant in such little time… the experience is amazing. Both organizing a experience like this and participating on it are really inspiring. I totally recommend it. Check it out: