It was a summer day and a little girl asked her father what she would be when she grew up. He said he did not know, but what ever she chose to be she should be happy doing it. She asked him, what she could be. He started naming a list of options: Artist, architecture, and designer… Instantaneously her eyes popped out.

2 years later, she is getting into this huge place with a lot of stands and without even looking around she went directly to the one that made her eyes pop up again. The last person that came to talk to her that day was a very tall, bearded guy. He asked her if she wanted him to explain anything to her, and she said no. He asked her, why are you here then? And she said: because this is what I want to do since I am 13 years old.

2 years later she got into a big room where she found the bearded man and a lot of students and she listened to them. One (from the north) said, design education, the other(from the east) said national projects, another one(from the west) said let’s do this together. After that she organized one of the biggest events in the country and then she said: yes, let’s do it together. She found herself in small rooms and with few people and still she said: let’s do it together. And suddenly she was not that little girl anymore.

In 2012, 7 years past the first time this little girl listened to the magic word that made her eyes shine, she is looking at the same bearded man saying: I got the scholarship, I am going to Parsons. And he told her: This is just the beginning.

His name is Alex, and he is the first mentor I had in my journey through design.

Picture by Luke Garcia

Picture by Luke Garcia