Service design consultancy for restaurants

Author: Hellem Gollin Pedroso

Developed in New York, New York – USA. Final deliver in Curitiba, Parana – Brazil.

#service #UX #research #strategic #business model

Simul consultancy is a service design consultancy focused on restaurants and bistros. Guided by a methodology based on matching user analysis of feedbacks on social medias and interviews with the service structure, Simul want to engage the business and the user in a conversation driven to service improvements. Also, no business can support it self without a value chain. In this matter Simul also wants to engage the stakeholders of the service in a way that the business experience doesn’t just involve the user, but everyone involved in the chain. After the analyisis and diagnostic phase Simul support the business to implement and develop changes and maintain the business strategy, branding and market approach.