Social Entrepreneurial Mindset Map


Welcome to the Social Entrepreneurship Mindset Map!


This is a final thesis project of Hellem Pedroso, supervised by Prof. Rodrigo de Alvarenga for the first class of specialists in the Postgrad of Social businesses from FAE Business school.


What could different cultures learn from sharing local practices towards developing the global scenario of social entrepreneurship?

This is the question that leads this research from which three aspects derived and were mapped throughout the participants perceptions on their environment: one external factor represented by infrastructure; one internal factor represented by abilities; and one cultural factor represented by practices. These three factors lead to a broad overview on each continent and also on global patterns and differences that may help on  understanding the development of local social entrepreneurial scenarios and mindset.



Social entrepreneurship is a growing field worldwide but what is the cultural mindset that guide it and practices that nurture it? This research approaches the social entrepreneurial culture by mapping the infrastructure, abilities and cultural practices by gathering the perspective of participants related to this niche in North America, Latin America & Caribbean and Asia & Oceania. These mapped aspects are analyzed in the basis entrepreneurial and cultural principles, frameworks, intelligence and expertise development through an abductive reasoning approach and visually translated into continental and global maps of the social entrepreneurial cultural mindset.

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